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What to do when life turns into an emotional rollercoaster

By Carole Sullivan Moving house, country, and starting a new relationship, all at the same time, is rocking the balance I have in my life. I’m well aware that change can be scary but knowing this has not prevented the emotional rollercoaster ride that I seem to be on. It has been a big decision…

Dopamine detox: what did I get myself into?

When Sarah, singer song-writer from Rotterdam, talked about doing a Dopamine Detox, we were surprised to say the least, as dopamine is one of the ‘happy’ hormones.  Dopamine is linked to lots of functions in the body, but is most commonly known for helping us feel pleasure or reward.  Why would Sarah want to give…

How I discovered independence wasn’t always a good thing

I used to pride myself on being independent and ‘strong’. I wore it like a badge of honour. “I have everything together. I can do it all by myself. I don’t need help from anyone.” Yeah. Right. What a load of baloney.  I thought it was better for everyone if I just got on with things;…


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