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Your personal values

Our values are like our internal compass. When we are clear on what they are, it makes decision making easier, and our choices easier to understand. When we are living in line with them we feel happy and content; and in contrast we feel troubled and stressed when we are not.

Knowing what our values are is important because they guide our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. 

Find out your values now with this exercise:

Exercise: Finding the help you need

Asking for help can be hard, but there is often more help available than we think at first. Try this quick exercise to explore your options. Download the PDF here:

Exercise: Summer insight

Feeling out of balance? Want to make changes but don’t know where to start? Try using the balance wheel to do a quick assessment and work out what’s most important.

Exercise: The decision making grid

Deciding what to do can sometimes be hard. This tool can help explore the pros and cons of making a decision, but also the pros and cons if you don’t do it. Looking at a decision from different angles can make it easier to see what you really want to do.

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