About us

Three women on a mission.

All with a completely different background: Jacqui Burger – an activist entrepreneur in fair trade and sustainable business, Carole Sullivan – a former banker who has returned to nature in a countryside farmhouse, and Jessica Silva – a resilience coach who helps people find and achieve what they really want. In 2019, they started the Happy Ladder, a website sharing practical life hacks to inspire people to improve their happiness.

What makes us happy? What can we do to increase our sense of contentment and joy? A shared interest in investigating these questions brought Jacqui, Jessica and Carole together in a project known as The Happy Ladder. The name was chosen because life is not just about going up, but how we deal with things when we slide down.

Together they’ve put their research into a book “Life Balance, A guide to feeling relaxed, content and happy more often” and a set of cards with practical activities.

The goal of The Happy Ladder is to share real-life, practical strategies and tools that can influence life for the better. All the tools shared here have been tried first-hand, and you can check out the research references too. The team have interviewed experts, investigated real-life stories and will continue to share their insights. 

Want to get in touch and share your story? Email us at hello@thehappyladder.org.

You can hear Jacqui, Jessica and Carole discussing why they wrote their book and what they learnt in this podcast:

Meet the team

Jacqui Burger

Jacqui is a fair trade entrepreneur who starts up enterprises in developing countries and supports green and social initiatives.  She also writes books like ’52 easy ways to change the world’.  After her book ‘Happily Ever After’, involving 2 years of research and world travel, she was intrigued by her findings about happiness and wanted to dig much deeper.  Jacqui is a mother of 4 and shares her time between Rotterdam and Mallorca.

Jessica Silva

Jessica is a coach who specialises in helping people build resilience.  Having worked in corporate wellbeing for almost 20 years she has seen up close the impact that stress and lifestyle can have on how we feel and perform.  A scientist by education she is fascinated by how things work and how we as people behave.  She currently lives in Mallorca with her son.

Carole Sullivan

Carole trained as a cost and management accountant and worked in business management and control areas for a leading UK Global Custodian that looked after over £400bn of assets.  In 2004 she moved to Mallorca to live an off grid, environmentally friendly and sustainable life.  As well as learning how to preserve her home grown vegetables she discovered a love of investigation and writing. In 2022 she returned to live in the UK.olive in the UK